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OFSTED Report - dated 4-5 May 2016, please click here to view.

School Transport team are having difficulty recruiting School Escorts to meet demand in The Waterloo & Emsworth areas, if anyone is interested in applying to become a School Escort please click here.

Any parent requiring a food parcel please contact Ann Alexander at the school.  Many thanks.

Click here for information on Outreach for schools

Please click here for a parent quick reference guide to using Marvellous Me.

Are you interested in becoming a teacher?  Click here to find out more from the Child First Partnership.

----------------------------------------------------                                                   Shoeless learning        Shoeless

We will ask you to support us helping us to make this school shoeless when you visit our school. Our aim is to create a home-like environment, encourage calmness and help everyone feel more grounded in the school. We have trialled this for a year now and the pupils and staff have commented:

‘It’s more comfortable and you get to show off your socks!’

‘It’s a lot cleaner’

‘It’s comfy’

Please click on the link for further information

Welcome to Our Website

Welcome to our website. On behalf of the children, staff and Governors at The Waterloo School, I would like to welcome you to our school. We believe that our school is a very special place for children to learn and we are always very pleased that parents choose us as the place for their children to embark on the next stages of development and growth.

The Waterloo School is one of two schools in Hampshire that supports pupils with social, emotional and mental health needs and we have spaces for up to 74 pupils organised into eight classes. All pupils have an Education Health Care Plan. Pupils have a wide variety of diagnoses and needs including autism, ADHD, speech and language, occupational therapy, behaviour and attachment disorder.

Our school vision is "To inspire a sense of belonging that develops skills for learning and life in a creative environment."  Our aim is to ensure that all children have a positive experience at our school.

We have developed strong partnerships with families and carers and will always place the needs of pupils at the heart of all we do. We see parents and carers as the child's first teacher and encourage you to participate in your child's education.  We believe that our children learn best when members of staff, parents/carers and pupils work in partnership and so we value your involvement in your child's education and actively promote this with various family learning opportunities.

Our staff are creative and hard working. They provide well planned and organised lessons and activities. A wide range of curriculum enrichment activities are also provided to enhance children's learning. We endeavour to ensure that all pupils have access to a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum and are provided with opportunities to develop their understanding of self-worth, self-esteem and confidence in a rich and stimulating environment. We encourage our pupils to engage well in their learning, to grow in confidence and become independent. This is especially important to us as we recognise that most of our learners have had a disrupted start to their educational journey.

We have a supportive and hard working group of Governors who are highly skilled in different areas and who are proactive in setting over-arching priorities for the school's development. Governors and staff work closely together to provide our children with the very best learning opportunities.

Each child is precious to us; we value and nurture each and every one. We teach, guide, help and encourage all members of our school community by example and by our commitment to raising pupil achievement.

I hope you can gain a sense of our work and achievements looking through these WebPages. They will, however, only give you a taster of what we do. Please do book an appointment to come to visit where we can give you a tour of the school and show you what an amazing place this is!

     Kirsty Roman            IQM Award  Healthy Schools      Marvellous Me Gold Award                                               

Kirsty Roman - Head Teacher