The Waterloo School

The Waterloo School

Create.... Belong.... Achieve....


Our school vision is "to inspire a sense of belonging that develops skills for learning and life in a creative environment in which we all achieve".

Our aims are:

To work consistently and fairly in the positive management of behaviour supporting the children with fair rewards and consequences                                                               To instil a sense of responsibility                                                                                 To ensure positive behaviour is valued and encouraged                                                To provide a caring and effective learning environment                                               To encourage relationships based on kindness, respect and understanding based on the needs of others                                                                                                           To create a restorative culture                                                                                    To ensure everyone feels valued, safe and secure with a focus on wellbeing                 To consider all pupils needs and their related behaviours                                             To develop an understanding of what is acceptable behaviour in their local and wider community                                                                                                                 To help the children develop strategies to manage their own behaviour                       To work with parents and carers to provide individualised support to help them to further develop understanding of their children and their needs                                  Use appropriate strategies to meet children's developmental understanding ensuring differentiation in approach and application to meet the needs of the individual           To create an environment in which staff are provided with robust training and support

We therefore promote:

* tolerance and forgiveness                                                                                            * putting others first                                                                                                       * PACE - playfulness, acceptance, curiosity and empathy                                                * acceptance of others and for what they are                                                                 * respect                                                                                                                       * resilience                                                                                                                   * positivity                                                                                                                     * team work                                                                                                                   * kindness and honesty