School Name

The Waterloo School

Values & Ethos

Our school vision is:

Nurturing our school community to be courageous in building trusting relationships within a supportive environment so that we all thrive

Our aims and principles are:

  • To manage behaviour through a relational approach
  • To see our pupils as developing, error prone and highly responsive to their environments
  • To set boundaries to try to meet everyone's needs
  • To recognise behaviour as communication, something to be listened to
  • To only use consequences as a last resort and only within a process of rupture and repair
  • To develop rules together and adapt these where necessary
  • To see inappropriate behaviour as a sign either of an unmet need, difficulty coping or a lack of knowledge
  • To include and seek to understand all pupils
  • To seek solutions in what the behaviour is telling us about our pupils and their needs
  • To review the Relational Policy's effectiveness with the school's wellbeing procedures

The primary aim of our relational approach at Waterloo is to settle and soothe all our pupils so that they can access learning:

  • Key adults support regulation offer the tools to succeed in life and play a part in their community
  • Pupils are equipped with the tools and knowledge to be safe online
  • Opportunities to experience the joy of play and being a child
  • Thrive in education and achieve their full potential
  • Recognise, label and validate emotions through a caring, protected right environment
  • Celebrate individuality and all that  makes are community unique
  • Promote physical and mental well-being by nurturing happy and healthy individuals
  • Cultivate a sense of belonging and acceptance in a safe environment
  • Build trusting relationships within our community and beyond whilst keeping safe
  • Empower our community to be positive role models
  • Encourage curiosity in the wider world