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Welcome                                                                                                                  The role of the Board of Governors is to work closely with the Head teacher and staff to provide the very best education that we can for the children of our school. We are responsible for monitoring and evaluating the performance and effectiveness of the school, for ensuring that the budget is managed prudently and for supporting our excellent staff.   As governors, we want all our children to develop to their full potential academically and socially, so that they become responsible and caring adults in their later lives.                                                                                 Governors achievements have been:  Governors plans for the future are:  Cathy Medlow, Chair or Governor                                                                           Mike Taylor, Vice Chair of Governors

Get in touch

If you would like to contact us or are interested in joining our Governing Body please feel free to get in touch via – everyone’s input is useful!  We will be looking for a new co-opted Governor from September 2019.

Our Governors

Governor Details:
Full name of Governor Governor Category Date of current Appointment or Election Source of Appointment (where appropriate) Term of office/Roles within GB Attendance at FGB meetings Attendance at Committee meetings Declarations on register or business & pecuniary interest
Hayley Carter Co-opted 06/10/2016-05/10/2020 GB Curriculum Committee 6/7 2/3 None
Matt Gaston Staff 06/10/2016-22/05/2019 Staff Resources Committee 4/5 0/1 None
Nassar Ghareb-Orabi Co-opted 16/10/2017-15/10/2021 GB Resources Committee 3/7 1/2 Councillor for West Berkshire Council
Catherine Madden Clerk


n/a Clerk n/a n/a None
Trevor Mann Co-opted 14/07/2015-13/07/2019 GB Chair, Curriculum Committee 6/7 3/3 Governor at another school



Co-opted 06/10/2016-10/07/2019 GB Vice Chair, FGB (until 10/07/19) Curriculum Committee 5/6 2/2 None
Cathy Medlow Co-opted 12/03/2015-11/03/2023 GB Chair, FGBResources Committee 5/7 2/2 None
Kirsty Roman Headteacher 20/04/2014-onwards n/a Resources & Curriculum Committees 7/7 0/1 & 2/3 None
Chris Scott LA 12/03/2015-15/01/2022 LA Chair, Resources Committee 4/7 1/2 Governor at another school
Gordon Serrao Parent 07/11/2018-06/11/2022 Parents Resources Committee 4/5 1/1 None
Mike Taylor  Co-opted 12/03/2015-11/03/2023 GB Vice Chair, FGB (from10/07/19)Curriculum Committee 5/7 1/3 None
Kate Watson Parent 01/01/2017-31/12/2020 Parents Curriculum Committee 5/7   None


Please ring the school office or e/mail  if you would like a copy of the FGB minutes.