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Admission Arrangements


Admissions are offered by the LA and must be agreed by the Head Teacher who has been delegated the power on behalf of the Governors.

Pupils will be in the 4 to 11 year age range.

Pupils will have an Education, Health and Care plan in draft or final form.

Admissions must allow sufficient time for the pupil to have a realistic opportunity of being re-integrated to primary mainstream education.

The child’s admission must be clearly in its interests and must not be detrimental to the needs of other pupils and the broader school community in terms of behaviour, age, gender and learning difficulty.

Prior to a child’s admission, parents/carers must have visited the school and the school will have made a home visit.

Parents/carers are expected to support the school behaviour and dress codes.

All pupils are expected to abide by the school behaviour and dress codes.

A pupil must be capable of participating in the school community without an undue level of staff intervention and physical restraint.  Any physical restraint will accord with HCC guidance and Team Teach practice.


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