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The Waterloo School

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Head Teacher - Mrs K Roman

Kirsty Roman I love being the Head Teacher of such an amazing place but when I'm not here I  do enjoy spending time with my family, eating out and shopping!   


Deputy Head Teacher - Mr G Jones

  Mr Jones My name is Gavin Jones, I am the Deputy Head and SENCo. 



 Wellbeing Manager - Mrs A Alexander

Ann AlexanderI am Ann Alexander, the Wellbeing Manager.  I love painting furniture, finding vintage treasures and the theatre.


Behaviour Manager - Mrs D McComb

Mrs D McCombMy name is Deborah "Debs" McComb.  My favourite pastime is singing and modern jive dancing.... not at the same time!


Chair of Governors - Mrs C Medlow

  Mrs Medlow  My name is Cathy Medlow.  I am the Chair of the Governors


Amanda Darke

My name is Amanda Darke, I am Orchard class teacher.  I love shopping, hate cooking and I can be found in Costa Coffee when not at Waterloo!   


 Faye Dollery - I am the PPA cover teacher. 



Lewis Gaston

My name is Lewis Gaston, I am the Cherry class teacher.  When not in the classroom you'll find me criticising films on my Macbook.


Matt Gaston

My name is Matt Gaston, I am the class teacher in Ash.  In my ten years here I have gained lots of experience but lost even more hair. 


Nat Holmes

Natalie Holmes - I like going to the zoo and visiting different aquariums.  I love animals especially my cheeky kitten "Lenny".  I am the teacher in Willow class.

  Emma Hudson  Emma Hudson - I am the Holly Class Teacher.

  Pete Pickford  Pete Pickford - I am the Oak Class Teacher. 

  Kimberley Rowson  Kimberley Rowson - I am the Beech Class Teacher.

Lucy Wilkins

At Waterloo I am known as Lucy Wilkins, however my official title is actually "Lady Lucy Wilkins of Wansley Manor" (true fact!!).  I am a teacher in Maple class.


Learning Support Assistants

 Miss Andrews   Sophie Andrews - I work in Ash class.

Victoria BrindleyVictoria Brindley - I work in Beech class.  I am a huge sports fan and my main sports are football and hockey.  I enjoy my job as I love making a difference to people in a positive way.

 S Carrington-White

 Simone Carrington-White - I work in Oak class.


Miss Carter My name is Hayley Carter and I work in Willow class.  I like going shopping and holidays!


  Kim Chapman  My name is Kim Chapman, I work in Maple Class.

Angela ClarkMy name is Ange Clark and I work in Cherry class.  I have 2 children Samuel & Katie.  I enjoy cooking, craft, camping and girlguiding, that I have been part of for over 20 years.

  Sarah Crane  My name is Sarah Crane, I work in Maple class.

  Liam Davis  My name is Liam Davis, I work in Cherry Class.

  Mr Hatter  My name is Matthew Hatter, I work in Willow class.   

Ann HaywardI'm Ann Hayward and I work in Orchard class.  I enjoy anything to do with art, messier the better!


await image     My name is Megan Hodgson, I work in Orchard Class.


I'm Andy Kulpa and I work in Ash class.  I enjoy blowing up things in Mr KulpaScience.


  Elsa March  Elsa March - an LSA in Beech class.

  Miss McNaught   Rachel McNaught - I am an LSA in Orchard Class.


await image    Zoe Moore - I am an LSA in Willow Class


  Paul Ohene   Paul Ohene - I am an LSA in Maple class

  Vicky Parker   Victoria Parker - I am an LSA in Beech class.

 Jacqui Pashby-Taylor   Jacqui Pashby-Taylor - I am an LSA in Ash class.

 Rachel Poole   Rachel Poole - I am an LSA in Holly class

 Courtney Sherwin   Courtney Sherwin - I am an LSA in Oak class


await image       Stephanie Slater - I am an LSA in Oak class


 Rachel Standen   Rachel Standen - I am an LSA in Orchard class.


await image     Hayley Watson - I am an LSA 


 Office Staff

Gayle Hamson

My name is Gayle Hamson.  When not at school you will find me pulling things down the allotment.  


Natalie Turner


Hi, I'm Natalie Turner.  I love all things sparkly!



Ian CarterMy name is Ian Carter, I am the caretaker at Waterloo School.  




Sam Rolfe  My name is Sam Rolfe, I am the HC3S Cook