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The Waterloo School

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Head Teacher - Mrs K Roman

KirstyI love being the Head Teacher of such an amazing place but when I'm not here I  do enjoy spending time with my family, eating out and shopping!   



Deputy Head Teacher - Mr G Jones

  Mr Jones   My name is Gavin Jones, I am the Deputy Head and SENCo. 



 Wellbeing Manager - Mrs A Alexander

Ann AlexanderI am Ann Alexander, the Wellbeing Manager.  I love painting furniture, finding vintage treasures and the theatre.


Behaviour Manager - Mrs D McComb

Mrs D McCombMy name is Deborah "Debs" McComb.  My favourite pastime is singing and modern jive dancing.... not at the same time!


Chair of Governors - Mrs C Medlow

  Mrs Medlow  My name is Cathy Medlow.  I am the Chair of the Governors


Amanda Darke

My name is Amanda Darke, I am Orchard class teacher.  I love shopping, hate cooking and I can be found in Costa Coffee when not at Waterloo!   


 Faye Dollery - I am the PPA cover teacher. 



Lewis Gaston

My name is Lewis Gaston, I am the Cherry class teacher.  When not in the classroom you'll find me criticising films on my Macbook.


Matt Gaston

My name is Matt Gaston, I am the class teacher in Ash.  In my ten years here I have gained lots of experience but lost even more hair. 


Nat Holmes

Natalie Holmes - I like going to the zoo and visiting different aquariums.  I love animals especially my cheeky kitten "Lenny".  I am the teacher in Willow class.

  Emma Hudson  Emma Hudson - I am the Holly Class Teacher.

  Pete Pickford  Pete Pickford - I am the Oak Class Teacher. 

  Kimberley Rowson  Kimberley Rowson - I am the Beech Class Teacher.

Lucy Wilkins

At Waterloo I am known as Lucy Wilkins, however my official title is actually "Lady Lucy Wilkins of Wansley Manor" (true fact!!).  I am a teacher in Maple class.


Learning Support Assistants

 Miss Andrews   Sophie Andrews - I work in Ash class.

Victoria BrindleyVictoria Brindley - I work in Beech class.  I am a huge sports fan and my main sports are football and hockey.  I enjoy my job as I love making a difference to people in a positive way.

 S Carrington-White

 Simone Carrington-White - I work in Oak class.


Miss Carter My name is Hayley Carter and I work in Willow class.  I like going shopping and holidays!


  Kim Chapman  My name is Kim Chapman, I work in Maple Class.

Angela ClarkMy name is Ange Clark and I work in Cherry class.  I have 2 children Samuel & Katie.  I enjoy cooking, craft, camping and girlguiding, that I have been part of for over 20 years.

  Sarah Crane  My name is Sarah Crane, I work in Maple class.

  Liam Davis  My name is Liam Davis, I work in Cherry Class.

  Tom Dollery My name is Tom Dollery, I work in Holly Class.

  Mr Hatter  My name is Matthew Hatter, I work in Willow class.   

Ann HaywardI'm Ann Hayward and I work in Orchard class.  I enjoy anything to do with art, messier the better!


await image     My name is Megan Hodgson, I work in Orchard Class.


I'm Andy Kulpa and I work in Ash class.  I enjoy blowing up things in Mr KulpaScience.


  Elsa March  Elsa March - an LSA in Beech class.

     Jonathan Maye

Jonathan Maye - I am an LSA in Cherry class.


  Miss McNaught   Rachel McNaught - I am an LSA in Orchard Class.


await image    Zoe Moore - I am an LSA in Willow Class


  Paul Ohene   Paul Ohene - I am an LSA in Maple class

  Vicky Parker   Victoria Parker - I am an LSA in Beech class.

 Jacqui Pashby-Taylor   Jacqui Pashby-Taylor - I am an LSA in Ash class.

 Rachel Poole   Rachel Poole - I am an LSA in Holly class

 Courtney Sherwin   Courtney Sherwin - I am an LSA in Oak class


await image       Stephanie Slater - I am an LSA in Oak class


 Rachel Standen   Rachel Standen - I am an LSA in Orchard class.


 Office Staff

Gayle Hamson

My name is Gayle Hamson.  When not at school you will find me pulling things down the allotment.  


Natalie Turner


Hi, I'm Natalie Turner.  I love all things sparkly!



Ian CarterMy name is Ian Carter, I am the caretaker at Waterloo School.  




Jackie CarterMy  name is Jackie Carter, I am the HC3S Cook.



Sam Rolfe  My name is Sam Rolfe, I am the HC3S Cook