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Emergency Closure

The decision to close The Waterloo School would be based on conditions at the school and the health and safety of staff and pupils. If the school has to close, information will also be made available to parents/carers through the school’s normal communications channels (including the school website) and radio stations.

Please ensure that the School Office have your most up-to-date contact details

Useful links which show school closures are:



Passenger transport at Winchester advise their operators that it they can't guarantee completion of both the "in and return journeys to schools" that they should not attempt to run their contracts, for example if a weather warning such as snow fall in the region could make driving hazardous. 

Parents are advised to frequently check our website, your mobile phones for a text, listen to a local radio and watch the Hampshire website for school closures (links above).

If school remains open would parents/carers kindly consider the following as the school may need to shut during the course of the day if there is a risk of your child not getting home on transport safely.  We may have to call you to collect your son/daughter at any time during the day as we would not have school transport available to us during the school day.  If you are not able to get your child, then we strongly urge you to consider that they stay safely at home with you.

Please know that our primary concern is the safety and wellbeing of everyone, which I am sure you will agree, is first and foremost.


If you have any queries relating to school closures please do not hesitate to contact the school office.