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The Waterloo School

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Rewards system

The School/Home Link Cards:

We have a School/Home link card where comments about your child’s day in the school are made. It also records the number of Credits they have earned and their Golden Minutes for the day.


We have a credit system whereby a child can earn thirty credits a day, starting with bringing back their School/Home link card that has been signed by the parents/carers.

Golden Time:

Each pupils starts the day with fifteen minutes Golden Time. These minutes are the only thing a child can lose for inappropriate behaviours. On Fridays there is an opportunity for one child from each class, who has earned the right, to go to Golden hour.


The school has six “Golden Rules” and a different one is chosen for the Golden Rule focus each week. One child from each class is nominated on Friday to be the child who receives the rosette for upholding the Golden Rule. The rules are as follows:

We are gentle                     We do not hurt anybody

We are kind                       We do not hurt other people’s feelings

We work hard                    We do not waste our or other people’s time

We look after property        We do not waste or damage things

We listen to people             We do not interrupt

We are honest                  We do not cover up the truth

Sticker Charts:

Every child has the opportunity to earn stickers for work and kind deeds. Once they have received twenty stickers the Head Teacher presents the child with a letter to take home to their parents or carers.

Golden Book:

If a child does something outstanding then their name goes in the Golden Book and the child has a chance to comment and receive a Golden Book sticker.


We are pleased to announce we have received the Gold Award for positively engaging parents through Marvellous Me!   Thank you to all the parents who are signed up and using Marvellous Me.

MarvellousMe is a light-touch app that you can use on your smartphone, tablet or online and is ideal for parents who want a quick snapshot of their child's day. It offers real-time updates and is easy to share with people that you choose.

MarvellousMe will help you to: 

To sign up:

Download the MarvellousMe app from your Apple and Android app stores, or go to

Enter your parent join code given above.

Enter your name, email and a password.

To find out more or to get any help, please visit


Acorn Rewards:

Education is about all round development not just learning to read and write. A large part of this is encouraging and promoting children to manage their own behaviour appropriately. Giving recognition to children when they do well and motivating them to do more. With this in mind we have the Acorn reward system.

Acorns have enabled us to modernise the way we recognise your child’s efforts.  All staff can award Acorns if they think a pupil has earned it for various different things. Acorns can also be removed for damage to property which again is supportive of our children learning about consequences.