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School Dinners

Dinners at The Waterloo School are balanced, healthy, nutritional and tasty.  They are provided by HC3S - Hampshire County Council's Catering Services.

HC3S provide three weekly menus that alternate throughout the term so that pupils get a varied choice. Vegetarian options are provided each day too.

School dinners are currently £2.30 for a two course meal per day.  Payment required in advance alternatively on the day meal is required.  Prices are increasing from September 2019 to £2.40 for a two course meal per day.

To view the menu for this week please click on the following link:

HC3S can provide special diets for pupils with allergies and intolerances who want to have a school meal. Special diets are provided for pupils with a medical problem, not just a dislike of certain food. HC3S will require medical evidence confirming your child’s allergy, the special diet request form can be downloaded from the following site:

The HC3S standard primary school menu is nut free. Ingredients are manufactured in a nut free environment so all children can eat the standard menu without having to register for a special diet.

To prevent cross contamination, HC3S school kitchens are unable to accept any products that brought in by parents or guardians.

HC3S value staff/parent feedback and have developed a short questionnaire for parents to complete regarding how they view the school meal service in your school.  This is a great opportunity for them to improve their services for our schools and develop ideas for new menus.  Please see link below:



A child is eligible for free school meals if their parent or carer receives one or more of the following benefits:

No other benefits qualify for free school meals from Key Stage 2 (years 4, 5, 6) or for the pupil premium for Key Stage 1 (years 1, 2, 3). 


For further information or to check eligibility please use the following link: