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Cultural diversity and race equality


Children are increasingly used to the experience of living in a diverse society. They respond to a learning experience that reflects their contemporary world and offers participation and consultation. They engage with anything that refreshes the imagination through diverse perspectives and invites critical and creative thinking.

Leadership and staff responsibilities are clear and our policy is continually developed and is reflected in our practice. We look to parents/ carers/governors and the wider community to help inform this.

Teaching is discrete and we try to avoid the ‘ceremonial’ and the ‘exotic’ as we know that this will create a moment but doesn’t allow for an in-depth look at background or history. Intercultural perspectives are embedded in planning rather than being an occasional add-on and any discussion at any time is allowed to happen naturally. The creation of a sticker, using the RADE logo, allows staff to make mention of any such discussion in a very simple way.

Visitors include ‘ordinary’ people as well as artists and professionals as we try to look for a balanced way of representing diversity. A good example of this is our local PCSO who is female and joins us for football as it is her passion. British values and our multiple identities are emphasised in many ways including displays and resources which reflect diversity. Racist attitudes are explored and challenged and pupils are helped to understand cultural expression in a way that engages them and their own perceptions.

Any reported racial incidents are recorded and taken seriously.