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The Waterloo School

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Speech & Language Therapy


Speech and language therapists work with people of all ages with speech, language, communication or swallowing difficulties.


Waterloo School, like all Hampshire Special Schools, has access to the Hampshire County Council SEND Speech and Language Therapy Service.


We assess and offer support to children who may have difficulties with:

Speech sounds

Understanding of language

Using words and sentences


Attention and listening

Social communication skills


We work in lots of different ways:

At Waterloo we work closely with all class staff. Some staff have done specialist training (ELKLAN Supporting Children with Speech and Language Difficulties) and all staff have ongoing training and support sessions on speech, language and communication so that all classes can focus on speech, language and communication activities within the classroom and across the curriculum.  Additionally, we can see individuals and offer assessments, programmes or specific therapy and regularly run groups within classes or with specific identified children.


Please contact me through your child's teacher if you have concerns about your child’s speech, language and communication skills.